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Mike Got Spiked – No Is Not An Answer (Hysterica Records, 2011)

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Earlier this year, Mike got Spiked’s ‘Live and Acoustic’ album dropped into our inbox, giving us a stripped down, chilled out taste of what to expect from the eccentric outfit’s sophomore studio effort; we found the acoustic renditions to be quite tasty.  Doing their job, they left us foaming at the mouth for the fleshed out, plugged in versions Read more…


Lorraine Maher – Inspire Me EP (Independent, 2011)

If the name rings a bell, then perhaps you’re a secret Eurovision fanatic, as Ms. Maher first rose to prominent on these shorers in 2005 as a finalist on RTE’s ‘You’re a Star’, only to lose out to the deranged Midlands duo Donna and Joe McCaul.  Most of us would say a lucky escape (where’s Mickey Harte now, i ask), the Offaly native is now based in Los Angeles; a musical hub that has become quite the sanctuary for Irish artists seeking a following Stateside.

Maher keeps good company in the form of Monaghan noise merchants Mike Got Spiked and Kildares’s Jekyl, and in her two years of residency, has build up a a loyal following, gracing the Sunset Strip stages such as ‘The Cat Club’ and ‘Room 5’. Read more…

Mike Got Spiked announce Irish Dates

Mike Got Spiked have released details of their upcoming whistle-stop Irish tour in January.

The band will be road-testing material from their forthcoming release ‘No Is Not An Answer’, the long-awaited follow-up to 2005’s ‘Caveat Emptor’, which is due for release in spring 2011. The eagerly awaited sophomore studio effort was recorded at Perfect Sound Studios in Los Angeles in late 2010 with Grammy Award nominee, Jason Donaghy (Band of Horses, Rob Zombie).

Since the abrupt departure of bassist Jonathan Myles in June; the Irish tour is to feature guest musicians filling in on bass for each date. Read more…

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Q & A With… Gavin McGuire – Mike Got Spiked

How was the year’s touring?

Gav: ‘Twas only marvelous. I love touring. It’s my favourite part of being in a band. I think it’s also the ultimate test of a band, both individually and collectively.

2009 was a weird year though. We didn’t tour incessantly as in previous years, as we felt we needed to concentrate on the business end of things a bit more. So we based ourselves in Los Angeles from April to October 2009 and did our best to get our name and music in front of people who matter in the industry.

What have been the best/worst moments so far?

Gav: The worst moment of the year was probably when our beloved Dodge Ram Van died on us, a mere 130 miles from Los Angeles last April. We had been all over America in that monster of a van and we were really sad to part ways with it. But alas, it was giving us too much grief, we had some issues with the ownership of the van and ultimately it was gonna cost more to repair than to just jettison it and get another vehicle. That incident was also the first time we had paid for a hotel room in all our time in America.

Read more…

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One Year Later – Mike Got Spiked

“Talkin’ To Myself”

“The Irish media won’t make up their own fucking minds on music – if it hasn’t been written about by someone else in some other country first, well the media isn’t interested.” – Harsh words spoken from sunny Los Angeles by Gavin McGuire, front man of Mike Got Spiked. Read more…

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Q & A With… Conall McMahon (Mike Got Spiked)

DPIK – Mike got Spiked Spoken Interview 2009-01-29

Conall McMahon

Conall McMahon

Upon hearing that Mike Got Spiked were back in the country, DPIK got on the blower to catch up with guitarist, Conall McMahon and see what’s been happening in their camp…

Are you looking forward to getting back on the road?

Conall: We’re just taking care of a few odds and bits. A few loose ends to tie up before we go, a few more gigs, but other than that, getting psyched up to heading off in just under five weeks time.

How long are ye going for?

Conall: The foreseeable future [laughs] we usually go away for at least three months at a time. We might stay a bit longer this time around, ya know. Read more…

Mike Got Spiked: Teen Idols

Mike Got Spiked

Mike Got Spiked


Not liking “to tie themselves down to any one particular style of song”, Mike got Spiked began to stretch boundaries to breaking point in 2002, quickly becoming firm favourites of Irish promotion group, Gigsmart.  No run of the mill band, their live show is a cacophony of ska/rock/metal-laden riffs.

With David Lodge holding it all together on the sticks, Jonathon Myles’s funky bass lines escape from the fret board and collide with the ears of the assembled masses.  While somewhere amidst this wall of music, Gavin McGuire’s vocals reach dizzying heights before bringing it crashing down to his trademark guttural roar.  You leave the venue after their show, not quite sure of what you have just witnessed but knowing your life will never be quite the same again. Read more…