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Gigsmart Celebrates 10 Years…

September 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Ten years later, and Gigsmart are in a celebratory/reminiscence mood. Taking place in Sweeneys of Dame St tonight (30th Sept) the fun kicks off at seven until the wee hours, and its free in. Expect to see all the old faces.

Also spinning on the decks will be the first public airing of Mike got Spiked’s latest album, due to drop 22nd Oct.


‎8.00pm Al Pinion

8.30 Ste Devine

9.00 Al Capone Suite


10.00 Astrophile

10.30 Rifle Fire Rifle

11.00 I Phoenix

11.30 El Hombre Jokes

12.00 CRITIC

12.30am Murder of Crows


Mike Got Spiked – No Is Not An Answer (Hysterica Records, 2011)

September 29, 2011 Leave a comment


Earlier this year, Mike got Spiked’s ‘Live and Acoustic’ album dropped into our inbox, giving us a stripped down, chilled out taste of what to expect from the eccentric outfit’s sophomore studio effort; we found the acoustic renditions to be quite tasty.  Doing their job, they left us foaming at the mouth for the fleshed out, plugged in versions Read more…

Mike Got Spiked: Teen Idols

Mike Got Spiked

Mike Got Spiked


Not liking “to tie themselves down to any one particular style of song”, Mike got Spiked began to stretch boundaries to breaking point in 2002, quickly becoming firm favourites of Irish promotion group, Gigsmart.  No run of the mill band, their live show is a cacophony of ska/rock/metal-laden riffs.

With David Lodge holding it all together on the sticks, Jonathon Myles’s funky bass lines escape from the fret board and collide with the ears of the assembled masses.  While somewhere amidst this wall of music, Gavin McGuire’s vocals reach dizzying heights before bringing it crashing down to his trademark guttural roar.  You leave the venue after their show, not quite sure of what you have just witnessed but knowing your life will never be quite the same again. Read more…