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Lorraine Maher – Inspire Me EP (Independent, 2011)

If the name rings a bell, then perhaps you’re a secret Eurovision fanatic, as Ms. Maher first rose to prominent on these shorers in 2005 as a finalist on RTE’s ‘You’re a Star’, only to lose out to the deranged Midlands duo Donna and Joe McCaul.  Most of us would say a lucky escape (where’s Mickey Harte now, i ask), the Offaly native is now based in Los Angeles; a musical hub that has become quite the sanctuary for Irish artists seeking a following Stateside.

Maher keeps good company in the form of Monaghan noise merchants Mike Got Spiked and Kildares’s Jekyl, and in her two years of residency, has build up a a loyal following, gracing the Sunset Strip stages such as ‘The Cat Club’ and ‘Room 5’. Read more…


Matt & Kim – Sidewalks (Fader Label, 2010)

It was with excitement and trembling hands that we gingerly pushed play on Matt and Kim’s latest release ‘Sidewalks’.

With the glorious thirty-odd minutes of our lives that we repeatedly give away to listen to 2006’s self titled release, it’s been with bated breath that we’ve waited for ‘Sidewalks’.

Read more…

Crimson – Untamed, Underground, Unwell (Independent 2010)

September 12, 2010 1 comment

The latest offering to emerge from The Aftermath’s Transmission Rooms, Crimson’s long awaited debut album ‘Untamed, Unwell, Underground’ was released in June.

After years of tolling away, paying homage to their heroes as a covers act, the four-piece band from the Midlands, decided, rather than bask in the shadows of the stars, to step up to the mark. Read more…