Music Interviews

Anthony Furey (And The Young Folks)

Meeting up with Anthony Furey in The Globe after work for a few quick words before the launch of their latest single ‘Sad Day’, he filled DPIK in on whats happening for the next few months for Ireland’s latest troubadour…

Gavin McGuire – Mike Got Spiked

DPIK catch up via email with LA based Mike Got Spiked

Mick Pyro – Republic of Loose

DPIK caught up with Mick Pyro on the day of the release of new single ‘Awful Cold’ from new album ‘Vol IV: Johnny Pyro and The Dance of Evil’ to hear his opinion on band’s fussing over their image, the scenesters and what he really thinks of being called a sell out…’

Andy Cairns – Therapy?

DPIK recruited the help of freelancer Ciaran Murray to catch up Andy Cains on the phone after the release of their latest album; ‘Crooked Timber’ to chat about what Punk means nowadays and of their 19 year career…

Conall McMahon – Mike Got Spiked

Upon hearing that Mike Got Spiked were back in the country, DPIK got on the blower to catch up with guitarist, Conall McMahon and see what’s been happening in their camp…

Richard Bolhuis – House of Cosy Cushions

DPIK skived off college for the chance to chill out and drink coffee in South Dublin with Richard Bolhuis, front man of House of Cosy Cushions…

Spud – Mr. Lightweight

What with him stuck in Tralee and DPIK in Dublin and not being able to buy phone credit, due to the country being the grips of a recession, DPIK had to settle for an email interview with bassist Spud from punk rockers ‘Mr. Lightweight’…

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