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Everyone’s Been Talking About Enemies

September 26, 2011 Leave a comment

(Article for Connected Music Magazine, July, 2011)

‘We were sitting back stage having a little freak out about what the hell we were doing there and how the hell we were playing such a massive sold out show’. Read more…


The Tales of A Troubadour: Anthony Furey & The Young Folk

Growing up in a dynasty such as the Furey household, it was always going to be a struggle for Anthony to stand apart as his own man in the industry. To shake off the tag as ‘George Furey’s son’, a decision to shy away from the family trade was chosen from an early age,but his plan was always certain to fail; ‘There was a lot of music gatherings and parties ’round my house, and I just sat back, kinda enjoyed it, then I picked up guitar when I was seventeen and I went from there’. Read more…

Q & A With… Gavin McGuire – Mike Got Spiked

How was the year’s touring?

Gav: ‘Twas only marvelous. I love touring. It’s my favourite part of being in a band. I think it’s also the ultimate test of a band, both individually and collectively.

2009 was a weird year though. We didn’t tour incessantly as in previous years, as we felt we needed to concentrate on the business end of things a bit more. So we based ourselves in Los Angeles from April to October 2009 and did our best to get our name and music in front of people who matter in the industry.

What have been the best/worst moments so far?

Gav: The worst moment of the year was probably when our beloved Dodge Ram Van died on us, a mere 130 miles from Los Angeles last April. We had been all over America in that monster of a van and we were really sad to part ways with it. But alas, it was giving us too much grief, we had some issues with the ownership of the van and ultimately it was gonna cost more to repair than to just jettison it and get another vehicle. That incident was also the first time we had paid for a hotel room in all our time in America.

Read more…

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One Year Later – Mike Got Spiked

“Talkin’ To Myself”

“The Irish media won’t make up their own fucking minds on music – if it hasn’t been written about by someone else in some other country first, well the media isn’t interested.” – Harsh words spoken from sunny Los Angeles by Gavin McGuire, front man of Mike Got Spiked. Read more…

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Rejoice at the Return of True Renegades of Funk

Upon hearing the announcement of The Redneck Manifesto making a stop off on their tour in The Stables, Mullingar on the 26th March, whispers and rumours ran amok of the reform of much missed Mullingar band Waiting to Explode.

The band have described by the press as an act who “blend pure musical influence, raw, untamed talent and that simple magic that separates prodigies from the meek, Waiting To Explode loop, tie and knot together a unique style of progressive, funk-rock, that doesn’t just pay tribute to their influences”. Read more…

The Twisted Pepper Café Launch & Absolut Art Exhibition

A New Solution

Sick of Starbuck?  Munchies pissing ya off?  Well then Bodytonic have a solution for you!

Coming up on the Twisted Pepper’s first birthday, the boys at Bodytonic have fought through the doom and gloom of the recession and are launching The Twisted Pepper Café.  From Monday 12th October, the Café will be open 7 days a week from 4pm with quality teas, coffees and nibbles on offer.

“Is that all?” I hear ya whinging… no actually it’s not!  There’s also an Absolut Cocktail bar, non-stop drinks specials, a jukebox and a round pool table.  Bet you wouldn’t get any of that in any of your south side cafés!

Drink away your recession blues/dole money and celebrate the launch in the Twisted Pepper this Saturday (10th Oct) from 8pm onwards. Read more…

Therapy?: Like A Phoenix from the Flames

Andy & Co.

Andy & Co.

Ireland has a habit of producing moany, whining singer songwriters, whereas the North….Fighting With WireIn Case of Fire… Just some of their exports over the last year, I’m telling ya, the place is bursting to the seams with some of the best fucking rock bands at the moment.

But it’s more than likely that Cahir O’Doherty or Steven Robinson pretended that they were Andy Cairns on more than one occasion whilst standing in front of their mirrors.

I know I did. And I imagine they too are delighted to hear that Therapy? are back with album number twelve: ‘Crooked Timber’.

Once contenders with Nirvana and Faith No More, Therapy? kept the scene alive while others crashed and burned. With their small but loyal fan base, they were able to continue recording and releasing albums over the years. For a band that’s been together nineteen years, Therapy? could write a handbook of the highs and lows of the music industry; at one point band members came and went through revolving doors, but still the fans hung on.  Read more…