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Mike Got Spiked – No Is Not An Answer (Hysterica Records, 2011)


Earlier this year, Mike got Spiked’s ‘Live and Acoustic’ album dropped into our inbox, giving us a stripped down, chilled out taste of what to expect from the eccentric outfit’s sophomore studio effort; we found the acoustic renditions to be quite tasty.  Doing their job, they left us foaming at the mouth for the fleshed out, plugged in versions and with ‘No is Not An Answer’, Mike got Spiked delivered.

Its been six years since we were treated to the delights of ‘Caveat Emptor’ and with their attempt to crack American soil, and more recently, the departure of founding member, and bassist Jonathon Myles (who still played on the album), the release of the second album was continually put onto the back burner.

Once upon a time, we struggled to define MgS, and the schizophrenic nature that was awash throughout their debut. All too often we were left scratching our heads, lost for the words to categorize these expats, and the bastard child combination of genres that was their debut. But on their second offering, they’ve toned down some of their pop sensibilities, cranked up the rock and still retained the ability to construct catchy choruses for us to hum along to while we wile away the hours at our office desks.  Splatters of yesteryear are still adamant on the album, with tracks such as 2008’s political inspired ‘Red to Blue’ (which was re-worked and re-recorded for the album) still retaining the intensity that the three-piece became known for, on both these shores and American, while ‘No is Not an Answer’ and ‘Bank of Hysteria’ will silence the critics who claim the band may have lost their substance.

Debut single ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’ is one of the stand out tracks on the album, and the perfect opener to reconnect with old fans while no doubt attracting a new following for the LA based band.

Flipping the record over, and truly gone are the nods to Goldfinger and Lostprophets, as their more heavier influences shine through and can be heard on tracks such as ‘Pale Mistake’ and as the needle on the record spins towards the center, the pace slows, and exposes a new side to the manic rockers, in the form of slow burners ‘Idaho (Stolen Away)’ and ‘Vasectomy’.

The majority of ‘No is Not An Answer’, the Monaghan natives’ first full studio effort in six years, was recorded at Perfect Sound Studios in Los Angeles in late 2010 with Grammy Award nominee, Jason Donaghy (Band of Horses, Rob Zombie, Ryan Adams), while two tracks were recorded in Dublin’s Trackmix Studios with Michael Richards.

And although, a long time coming, overall the release is a great offering from Mike got Spiked, fingers crossed the next one isn’t as long a wait.

The band are currently looking towards fans to assist them in raising funds to support the release, and in usual MgS humour, are offering a variety of items, from a hike and picnic at the Hollywood Sign with the band to a concert in your own living room in return for your cold hard cash. For another twenty days, you can pledge here to show your support and help them reach their target.

To celebrate Gigsmart’s 10 Year Party, the album will get it’s first public aring tomorrow night (Fri 30th Sept) in Sweeneys, Dublin. Also appearing on the night are Murder of Crows and Al Capone Suite, and former front man of Pinion, Al Dunne. The fun and frolics kick off at seven until the early hours and its free in.

No Is Not An Answer will be released on CD, limited vinyl and download on 22nd October, 2011 on the band’s own Hysterica Records label, backed by a US tour with European dates to follow in January.

For more info and to keep up to date with the lads, click.

Download: ‘Sleeping With the Enemy’, ‘Red to Blue’

Mike Got Spiked – Bank of Hysterica


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