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Lorraine Maher – Inspire Me EP (Independent, 2011)

If the name rings a bell, then perhaps you’re a secret Eurovision fanatic, as Ms. Maher first rose to prominent on these shorers in 2005 as a finalist on RTE’s ‘You’re a Star’, only to lose out to the deranged Midlands duo Donna and Joe McCaul.  Most of us would say a lucky escape (where’s Mickey Harte now, i ask), the Offaly native is now based in Los Angeles; a musical hub that has become quite the sanctuary for Irish artists seeking a following Stateside.

Maher keeps good company in the form of Monaghan noise merchants Mike Got Spiked and Kildares’s Jekyl, and in her two years of residency, has build up a a loyal following, gracing the Sunset Strip stages such as ‘The Cat Club’ and ‘Room 5’.

For those following the stateside shenanigans of our exiles, they will remember Lorraine’s soaring vocals earlier this year as she guest on Mike Got Spiked’s ‘Live & Acoustic’ album, dueting with the outfit for a stripped down rendition of ‘Stop Thinking’.  Like a handful of Xanax, her calming influence chilled out the normally schizophrenic rockers, allowing a softer side to shine through.  Not one to rest on her laurels, she teamed up with music site ‘Flash Rock’ who’s exposure has helped to expand her internet following.

But onto the EP… tracks such as Story of a Girl and Inspire Me, with their simplistic strumming, are stripped back acoustic offerings, leaving ample space for Maher’s haunting and soaring vocal ability to come into its own.  Displaying her talents, this young girl shares with the listener her deepest fears and tales.

We could lazily draw comparisons to Paramore’s Hayley Williams, or perhaps Evanescence’s Amy Lee, or even lump her along side that Canadian wannabe Avril Lavigne, and the thousand other manufactured pop artists.  But rather she stand comfortably alongside creditable homegrown artists such as Cathy Davey for her heartfelt lyrical abilities, and Nina Hynes for the soft, soothing tones of this young sultry songstress.

With news that one of her songs is set to feature on the forthcoming Rick Bieber movie, The Fifth Quarter, starring Aidan Quinn and Andie McDowell, and a debut LP expected to drop later this year,  catch her while you can.

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Lorraine Maher – Inspire Me

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