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Matt & Kim – Sidewalks (Fader Label, 2010)

It was with excitement and trembling hands that we gingerly pushed play on Matt and Kim’s latest release ‘Sidewalks’.

With the glorious thirty-odd minutes of our lives that we repeatedly give away to listen to 2006’s self titled release, it’s been with bated breath that we’ve waited for ‘Sidewalks’.

Where their previous efforts were homages to home recordings and DIY ethics, it now seems that the third offering from the Brooklyn-based indie-dance duo shows them torned between becoming the latest stars of a fickle pop scene and their punk, DIY roots that propelled them into the spotlight four years ago.

‘Block after Block’ sets the tone of the album and the noticeable lack of the DIY/lo-fi sound that is Matt and Kim has definitely,and sadly, all but been erased from this recording.

As ‘Sidewalks’ progress, there’s a much more fuller band sound than their previous offerings.  The catchy, childish melodies and simplistic keyboard hooks are still there, sitting side-by-side with their new playmate, overproduction.

Sticking to the format of short and sweet, even if slightly sickeningly sweeter than before, the album has its hits and misses, and it seems in their attempt to crash the pop scene party, there’s been plenty of casualties.

Overdosing moments of pop on songs such as ‘AM/FM Sound’ and ‘Good for Great’, just refuse to sit well with someone’s who constantly digests their previous albums.

Preceding single ‘Cameras’ in late August show somewhat a slight change in direction, but third time obviously isn’t always a charm; where before the meager, weak lyrics were shrugged aside, they now grate painfully,  the crude synth sound irritate the ear drums, while the vocals just agitate and annoy.

I’ve already given this too much of my time. I’m going to dig out their eponymous release and remember the good times and I suggest you do too.

Sidewalks is out now on iTunes

Matt and Kim – ‘Cameras’

Matt and Kim – ‘Daylight’ (from ‘Grand’)

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