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Q & A With…. Anthony Furey – Anthony Furey & The Young Folks

Meeting up with Anthony Furey in The Globe after work for a few quick words before the launch of their latest single ‘Sad Day’, he filled DPIK in on whats happening for the next few months for Ireland’s latest troubadour…

DPIK: Obvious question, but what was it like growing up in the Furey household?

Anthony Furey: Everyone asks that question [laughs] but I didn’t pick up on music until later on like.  There was a lot of music gatherings and parties ’round my house, and I just sat back, kinda enjoyed it. Then I picked up guitar when I was seventeen and I went from there.

DPIK: …So you knew from your late teens that this was for you?

AF: I was into more sports and stuff like that when I was younger, I didn’t want to go in the music direction, but it really comes down to that my whole family are in it.

DPIK: “The Young Folk”, how did that one come about?

AF: By accident [laughs] that’s exactly how it was. I don’t know where it came from, it was ‘Anthony Furey and the Folk’, then we said nah that doesn’t sound the best, we’ll just throw Young Folks in there, even though we’re all old enough.

DPIK: Drop D labelled your music in the same vein as Damien Rice and Glen Hansard esque style of singer songwriter, you happy with those comparisons?

AF: I don’t mind, I’ve been called worst things, but ah no, I love Damien Rice, and Glen Hansard is a great songwriter.

DPIK: Moving onto the album, where it recorded?

AF: We started in Salt Studios in Sutton with Frank Xavier, then we moved onto another lad, that has been dealing with Super Extra Bonus Party and RSAG, called John Corcoran, we went with him then in the end, and he mixed it, then me and him ended up in New York in February, and we were looking for someone to get it mastered. We met a few people, took a chance really and one of the lads that mastered one of albums, we got in touch with him,and he said he was available, but in the end it was too much money. Then we got in touch with another lad called Joe Lambert who mastered a few Johnny Cash things and Bright Eyes and he deals a lot with the Animal Collective, and surprisingly we got him cheap enough.

DPIK: And were there any guest appearances on the album?

AF: Well, not really guest appearances but eh, Davey Arthur put a bit of mandolin down which was nice.

DPIK: Sad Day is to be the second lifted off your album, if I’m right, will we be seeing any more single released from it…

AF: I’d say one more, or we’re looking to re-release the first single [Biscuit], cos it was more of a secret single, we didn’t do anything with it, that’s the thing, I only got back from America that morning of the single launch. We got the singles [back from pressing] that day so there was no push or no press or nothing like that.

DPIK: And the album was all self funded?

AF: Yeah, I owe nothing to the banks [laughs]

DPIK: And where is the album available?

AF: At the moment, I only just released it in Tower [Records] about three weeks ago, for some reason at the start I was thinking to myself I’d love to get rid of the album like under the table to people. It was just confidence [issue] back then, but now its out in Tower. I wanna release it in Road [Records] as well, have to get in touch with them and also it will be available on iTunes in a week or two.

DPIK: What comes first for you, the lyrics or the music?

AF: Lyrics, now. Music back then. Arrive home after a good night out, and stuff just comes to ya, or in the morning when ya have a sore head, it just comes to ya.

DPIK: What is your favourite song to play live?

AF: Play live? Eh I like the song, ‘I’ve Been Here Before’, really simple song. You see, we’re working on a lot more vocals for it now, lot more harmony vocals ya know. Yeah, love it, definitely my favourite song.

DPIK: And what can people expect at a Anthony Furey & The Young Folks gig?

AF: Jaysus, anything. Everything [laughs]. We’ve started to actually mess with a few toys, which is cool, we’re only started that now though, We got the gig on Friday [4th June, Whelans] and we’re going to bring a few toys with us for that. But we go from normal acoustic singer songwriter stuff to, as I said on Myspace, a hoedown.

DPIK: You just played Vantastival, how did that go for you?

AF: Really good. That many people arrived, it was like a miniature Electric Picnic, I loved it, just all the fans and all the people that went, it was just so nice.

DPIK: Any plans for outside of Ireland?

AF: Yeah, we’ve got a few things lined up for England, and we’re still working on getting a nice little tour. We’re going to do that, and I lived in Holland for a while so getting a few dates there and our drummer lived in Germany so we’re using our contacts.

DPIK: And what’s your plans for the rest of the summer?

AF: Festivals! To be honest with ya, we haven’t got a lot of money to be booking our own gigs and venues are charging too much. So we said right we’ll just got onto the festival bandwagon and see what happens there.

DPIK: Anything else you want to add?

AF: Well we’re doing a good few festivals, we’re doing the Taste of Dublin, the Astral Plains Festival, with Paul Brady, and the Dolerentos, and last week we got booked by a guy called Kieran Black, who runs the King Kong Club and Sunday Roast, he runs his own festivals and he told us last week we were confirmed for MILK festival, which is a gay and lesbian festival so looking forward to that, should be good.

Summer 2010 Dates
4 Jun – Whelans, Dublin
6 Jun – Dame Quarter Festival, Dublin
12 Jun – Taste Of Dublin, Iveagh Gardens, Dublin
13 Jun – Taste Of Dublin, Iveagh Gardens, Dublin
19 Jun – NPLD Festival, Sligo
20 Jun – NPLD Festival, Sligo
26 Jun -Astral Plains Festival, Birr, Offaly
24 Jul – Festival of World Cultures, Dublin
14 Aug – MILK Festival, Ballinlough Castle, Kells

Read DPIK’s Article Here

Anthony Furey & The Young Folks – Sad Day (Out 4th June)

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