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The Tales of A Troubadour: Anthony Furey & The Young Folk

Growing up in a dynasty such as the Furey household, it was always going to be a struggle for Anthony to stand apart as his own man in the industry. To shake off the tag as ‘George Furey’s son’, a decision to shy away from the family trade was chosen from an early age,but his plan was always certain to fail; ‘There was a lot of music gatherings and parties ’round my house, and I just sat back, kinda enjoyed it, then I picked up guitar when I was seventeen and I went from there’.

But fears of the tag have all but been dismissed with the release of his debut album ‘I’ve Been Here Before’. The offering, recorded in Salt Studios in Sutton, Dublin with Frank Xavier and mixed by John Corcoran (Super Extra Bonus Party, RSAG), pedestals Anthony high, in a nation of singer-songwriters.

Lacking Rice’s whinging/self pity, Dempsey’s brogue, and Hansard’s ginger-ness, it is Furey’s ability to pen such a simple, yet infectious and catchy song, which helps him breathe a breath of fresh air into the staling genre. Of course, comparisons can occasionally be heard/and will be made, throughout the album on tracks such as ‘Hold Her Down’ and ‘Grafton St’. which both treads softly around Damien Rice’s ‘O’.

But it is the simplicity and effectiveness of tracks such as ‘Sad Day’ and ‘Biscuits’, that shows Furey to be a skilled songwriter.

To do his Americana folk sound justice, Anthony, clutching the fruits of his labors, travelled to New York earlier this year in search of the perfect mastering.   The journey proved fruitful after a meeting with Joe Lambert (City & Color, Bright Eyes) who agreed to work with Anthony.

With a debut release date pencilled in for the first single, ‘Biscuit’, to be lifted off the album, and drawing ever closer, the single saw pretty much no press coverage, which Anthony explained: ‘It was more of a secret single, we didn’t do anything with it, that’s the thing, I only got back from America that morning of the single launch. We got the singles [back from pressing] that day so there was no push or no press or nothing like that.’

Of his live shows, Anthony uses these performances to showcase the many faces of his live set, from the ‘hauntingly minimal ballads to a full on hoe down’; ‘We’ve started to actually mess with a few toys, which is cool, We got the gig on Friday [4th June, Whelans] and we’re going to bring a few toys with us for that.’

With a string of appearances at various festivals nationwide this summer, do yourself a favour and check out, and welcome to the fold, Ireland’s newest troubadour..

Anthony And The Young Folk release ‘Sad Day’ this Friday in Whelans with support from Awake Young Soldiers, Doors open at 8pm and ADM is €10 with a free copy of A&TYF’s single.

‘I’ve Been Here Before’ is available from Tower Records, Wicklow St.

Summer 2010 Dates
4 Jun – Whelans, Dublin
6 Jun – Dame Quarter Festival, Dublin
12 Jun – Taste Of Dublin, Iveagh Gardens, Dublin
13 Jun – Taste Of Dublin, Iveagh Gardens, Dublin
19 Jun – NPLD Festival, Sligo
20 Jun – NPLD Festival, Sligo
26 Jun -Astral Plains Festival, Birr, Offaly
24 Jul – Festival of World Cultures, Dublin
14 Aug – MILK Festival, Ballinlough Castle, Kells

Anthony Furey & The Young Folk – ‘Sad Day’ (Out Fri, 4th Jun)

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