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Kids In Glass Houses – ‘Dirt’ (Roadrunner, 2010)

(Album review done for State.ie)

For the last ten years or so, South Wales has become known for spitting out great accts such as Bring Me The Horizon, Funeral for A Friend and Lostprophets, and after hearing the release of their debut album, Kids in Glass Houses were hotly tipped as rising stars.

After the best start in their career, including rave reviews from NME, and being nominated for ‘Best British Newcomer’ at the Kerrang! Awards, they jetted stateside to tour and record their second offering.

Their sophomore effort, ‘Dirt’, was recorded in Sonic Ranch Studios, Texas, with recording duties handled by former front-man of A, Json Perry (Remember that really annoying ‘Starbucks’ song a few years ago?)

Their album opener ‘Artbreaker I’ seduces you in, reminding you of hte Kids in Glass Houses’ debut release ‘Smart Casual’.  And for the first half of Dirt, it is these energetic, anthemic, hook filled songs that hark back to ‘fisticuffs’-era of Kids in Glass Houses.  But this aggression gradually fades out, and midway through Dirt, KIGH’s sophomore effort begins to lack the anger and energy of their debut, swapping catchy hoks for soft ballads in such songs as ‘The morning Afterlife’ and ‘Undercover Lover’.

Choosing a producer who’s worked for the likes of Busted and Mcfly, and with guest appearances from Frankier Sandford of The Saturday (on the aforementioned ‘Undercover Lover’) sounds like a band very much shooting for the weird and wacky world of the mainstream industry.  Although, they try to sdave their reputation with the guest appearance of grandaddies of pop-punk, New Found Glory on track ‘Maybe Tomorrow’, but sadly, when they’re not attempting to sound like the Lostprophets (‘Lilli Rose’), they dangerously veer into YouMeAtSix territory (‘The Best Is Yet To Come’).

If you want to test the water before you buy, head on over to their Myspace page, where the entire album is available to stream.

VERDICT: Behind the pretty boys’ image, their music fails to satnd on its own two feet, and unless you’re a prepubescent girl, I’d give it a wide berth.

Kids In Glass Houses – Artbreaker I

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