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Brand New – Daisy (Interscope, 2009)

orig-3752161.0.0.0x0.333x500Overnight Success Stories

Jesse Lacey is a 31-year-old middle-class Long Island native. He also is the front man with Long Island alternate rock band Brand New; which in turn, makes him an idol in the eyes of thousands of teenage ‘emos’ worldwide. A three letter word that can destroy a band before they even begin, cast off as nothing more than musical dribble not worth giving the chance.

Ignoring the labelling and tags, Brand New have, over their last eight years, with each and every offering, strived to push the boundaries of their musical abilities, making them like none other.

Debut ‘Your Favourite Weapon” (2002) on indie label Triple Crown made an over-night success of the band, becoming the creators of the generation that is now known as the cash cow genre of emo.

In this false and image-conscious scene fuelled by fickle fans and scenesters, the Long Island natives knew they had to create something even more special with album number two. And after nearly two years of label turmoil (which we won’t get into here), second album ‘Deja Entendu’ (2004) was quickly recorded and released on Dreamworks.

Hitting the shelves with a resounding thud, their sophomore effort gained the approval of an entire generation of confused and frustrated middle-class kids, defining Brand New as ones to watch.  Exploding the band into the dirty murky waters of fame, where many would and have cracked under the strain, the band took the toils of touring, deaths of family members and the pressures of being idols and turned their tales into album number three; ‘The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me’(2006). 2w57ech

With tracks injected with heavy doses of melancholy and despair, some fans couldn’t take their boldness and creativity and jumped ships while the rest hung in there and believed in their band and they grew, musically, alongside their heroes. But enough of this history lesson…

Album Review

Jesse and co. approach each new album with the idea of forming something original and progressively more twisted than its predecessors. And after a three year wait, 2009 saw the release of album four, ‘Daisy’, and the latest offer of how far Brand New are willing to push their musical ability.

Opener ‘Vices’ begins with the sounds of softly sung, angelic, piano-led hymn, lulling the listener into a false sense of security, which is quickly replaced by confusion as the full assault of Brand New is unleashed, unsuspecting to its listeners.

Brand-New-Daisy-Artwork-488x488Similar in parts to ‘TD&GARIM’, Lacey still sings of solitude and sexuality, and still questions spirituality, with his lyrics painting pictures of pain and angst, swallowed by the song, he becomes the torture soul within his lyrics.

But as the album opens up to the listeners, tracks lead us off the path of their previous efforts and we wander hand-in-hand into the world of a post-rock Brand New. ‘In A Jar’ and ‘Gasoline’ are clear examples of the new music direction Brand New have taken, while Lacey’s lyrics remain filled with melancholy and despair.

‘You Stole’ is a straight up salute back to their heydays of ‘I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don’t’ with Jesse’s softly spoken vocals lying warm over a muted guitar riff, with a occasional fills of Mogwai-esque guitar playing filtering through.

Layering three guitars on tracks fills out the sound, with the low end of the bass being used heavily on most tracks; their latest offering is worlds apart from their early pop punk days. ‘Gasoline’ and ‘Be Gone’ are songs that would make the final cut for any of Modest Mouse’s LP, while title track ‘Daisy’ could stand proudly along side with any offering of Scottish post rockers Mogwai.

Lead single from the album ‘At the Bottom’ sees Lacey’s vocals stretched to their limits as he screams his inner demons out and into our speakers.

Overall this will probably be a grower to their current fans, but a definitely hit for the post-rock scene kids.

While Jesse’s claims to his legion of listeners that “I’ve created nothing” in track ‘In A Jar’, both he and us know his statement couldn’t be further from the truth.

Brand New – Gasoline

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