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Therapy? – ‘Crooked Timber’ (Demolition Records, 2009)

Crooked Timber

Crooked Timber

Guest Reviewer: Ciaran Murray

Being a Therapy? fan of yore but having neglected them of late, listening to this album was like listening to a new band I didn’t like it… At first.

But I’m more than happy I gave it a second chance because the album didn’t so much grow on me as infect me- “I Told You I Was Ill” has become my favourite track of 2009 so far, apt perhaps, given my analogy and yes, it is as dark as the title suggests…

That’s not to single out a track on the album either though- I’ll be honest and say, once I got into it, there was not one track I skipped over, but there were several I repeated- The title track, “Crooked Timber” being one- It’s epic, old school Therapy? at their best – Infernal Love Therapy? and the Therapy? I knew and loved- All poppy snare (drums astutely brought to us on this album by Neil Cooper, formerly of Derby prog-metal band The Beyond,) jagged, pounding guitars and distorted bass, with tight production by Andy Gill (of English post-punks Gang of Four), and mastering done by Andy Cairns himself, ambitious but showing Therapy? are still in control of their music – the band are still as raw as they were twenty odd years ago.

The album goes from the short and catchy to obscure and, well, catchy with the instrumental Magic Mountain which, whilst weighing in at 10.05 fails to bore, swinging from bone-crushing to carnival- esque without a whim.

Three years in the making and worth the wait- Crooked Timber is definitely one to pick up if you like your music loud, aggressive and oh so angry. Welcome back Therapy?

Therapy? – Crooked Timber

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