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The Revs – The Revs (Haldern Pop, 2005)


“The Revs? But they’re that pop band that sang ‘Wired to the Moon’ a couple of years back. Yeah those lads. Ah they’re shite, they should grow up and write real music. But they did, and ye didn’t wanna know them then. Oh right.”

And that’s the truth. five years later, and with each album, they matured both musically and personally, but people still labelled them a kid’s band, only fit for playing day time gigs, and writing stupid songs. The Blink 182 of Ireland.

And the sales of their final record showed this. Only selling only a couple of thousand or so copies, it’s highest chart position was #25, but don’t let this fact deceive you. It is quite possible one of the best Irish albums of the last ten years.

‘You Shine’: Drums and uber cool bass line hooking ya in straight away. Single material if ever I heard it. And the breakdown is cracking, such an underestimated band.

It was a shame that they couldn’t get Irish backing, ending up on a Swedish label. The album itself is well produced, with Tore Johansson, the producer behind Franz Ferdinand and The Cardigans, behind the desk.

Easing into ‘Take It All Back’ and again bassist Rory Gallagher’s stand out bass playingand John McIntyre’s melodic guitar lines fill out behind Rory’s softly sang vocals, when it suddenly bursts into an appealing melodic chorus. Another chartable tune. What was missing on their sophomore effort ‘Suck’, they’ve made up for here with their brand of dripping wet radio rock.

‘Time Slippin’ is as catchy as fuck. Quality rock. An Irish band to be proud of. The song’s so good, I got stuck on this track for a few listens. John McIntyre’s guitar playing stands out on this track, along with Rory’s simple but effective bass lines.

‘Streets’ is the heaviest tune on album, formatted along the lines of quiet verse, loud chorus. Works pretty well leading into ‘Borderland’, with it begins to chill out, again with the drum and bass compo working extremely well. Rory leads the song telling us to ‘move out of the dark ages and into the death of history’,

Not a fault as we move into the second half of the album with ‘A Word From Our Sponsor’ begging us the question of ‘haven’t we learnt’.

We’ve learnt that The Revs had an ability which we only discovered after they had decided to call it a day.

Due to the surprising lukewarm response this album received, The Revs decided to call it a day on their seven-year career in 2007, shame.

‘Here’s Where The Conversation Ends’, but not to the amazing song writing. The Revs take a different approach here and chill it out with their piano led love song, on which Rory’s vocal skills come into their own.

Picking up the tempo right where they left off, ‘Every Monkey’ kicks back into the same format as the first few tracks, with distorted vocals and running bass lines, before bursting into a balls out chorus. Its a surprise that it didn’t chart when released in the Irish charts.

Track 9: ‘Robert’ and the single-ability hasn’t even begun to wear off slightly. Again it begs the question of why didn’t this album gain more success.

Finishing off on ‘Good Times’, the album’s short and sweet, in the words of Deryck Whibley: ‘It’s All Killer, No Filler’, and this kind of album is hard to come by these days, pity.

The only notice this album got was when ‘Take It All Back’ and ‘Streets’ were lifted off from the album for movie ‘PS I Love You’., while ”You Shine’ is currently being used for the Irish TV show ‘Anonymous’.

Rory Gallagher’s currently got a cracking album out for download on iTunes while guitarist John McIntyre’s debut is expected to drop late this year.

The Revs – Time Slippin’

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