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Q & A With… Conall McMahon (Mike Got Spiked)

DPIK – Mike got Spiked Spoken Interview 2009-01-29

Conall McMahon

Conall McMahon

Upon hearing that Mike Got Spiked were back in the country, DPIK got on the blower to catch up with guitarist, Conall McMahon and see what’s been happening in their camp…

Are you looking forward to getting back on the road?

Conall: We’re just taking care of a few odds and bits. A few loose ends to tie up before we go, a few more gigs, but other than that, getting psyched up to heading off in just under five weeks time.

How long are ye going for?

Conall: The foreseeable future [laughs] we usually go away for at least three months at a time. We might stay a bit longer this time around, ya know.

Any plans on doing the Warped Tour again?

Conall: We haven’t actually been asked to do it, but we’re going to leave it for the moment. We could end up playing a tiny stage on it or we could be concentrating on what we’re doing at the moment, which is labels and stuff in LA, try and get a bit of tour support behind us, a bit of money and clout behind us, so then if we’re asked to the Warped again we’ll have a bigger stage.

Speaking of management labels, you’ve recently signed with a new deal…

Conall: Yeah we did that just before we came home last summer. We were negotiating with this guy on and off for the guts of a year. Very clicky over there, every little item in the contract, but we finally got something that we’re all very happy with between ourselves and him. Looking forward to getting over there and getting working with him in LA when we get there.

What’s the name of the company?

Conall: ATM, which is Associated Talent Management.

What was your highlight of touring last year?

Conall: Probably playing the show on Whiskey A Go-Go on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, that was just amazing. I mean the venue itself is steeped in history; The Doors, Guns N’ Roses, so many amazing bands that made their names there. We found it actually lived up to the hype, it was one of the nicest places we’ve ever played and ya know we just felt like total bloody rock stars after it, [laughs] chilling out in the VIP area and seeing Lenny there in the Rainbow Bar N Grill, just hanging out with all the rich and famous of LA and us in our rags [laughs].

I was reading on your blog about all the mishaps that ye came across on your first tour…

Conall: We were young and naïve and didn’t realise just what you needed to do on tour. Anything that could of possibly gone wrong did go wrong for us on that trip but because of that it totally armed us for what we were going to do when we went to America by ourselves. We knew what to expect and also what to avoid because of it.

How’s the new material coming along?

Conall: There’s one song we put up there [on their myspace] recently and we’ve got about another sevens songs written at the moment. We’re kinda just recording ourselves in the rehearsal rooms. Unfortunately, it wont be for release it’s just for us to listen back to them and fine tune them. But we have the guts of a whole new set written at this stage, we’re just learning the songs and getting them right, tweaking them, so… when we get to America we’re going to be blasting out a load of new songs to people over there, trying to get them ready for when we get a chance to record a new album, which we hope will be in the next year.

Is the new material similar to the on line single “Red to Blue”?

Conall: In as much as any of our songs are similar from each other, you know yourself. I mean every song is usually a little different so, I mean we have everything from straight forward punk to ska to reggae to metal to whatever and sometimes all of those would be in the one song [laughs] we don’t really like to tie ourselves down to any one particular style of song.

So you said your heading off in five weeks?

Conall: We’ve just heading of about the first week of March, leaving on the 3rd of March

Best of luck with it all anyway

Conall: Cheers

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