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Jape’s ‘Floating’ High

Mind Behind Jape: Richie Egan

The Script are probably penning a song about it already, but tough shit, they lost out on Choice Music Awards Best Album 2008 last night, to a very deserving Richie Egan AKA Jape. Fair dues to a guy who reckons he sounds like ‘a hundred dogs with a guy singing out of tune over them’.

Beginning a career as the bassist in one of Dublin’s unsung heroes ‘The Redneck Manifesto’, his electro offshoot soon took over and before you could say ‘the monkeys in the zoo have more fun than me’, his tunes were being covered by the likes of The Raconteurs. (‘Ya man from White Stripes’ side project’ to ye less educated music heads).

I saw Jape play Crawdaddy last year and his performance converted some non-believer friends of mine. Although he had a lot to live up to after support act, local head-the-ball Robotnik (‘Pat the Baker’ remix on ‘Podge on Rodge’ anyone?!), he got me more flustered than a teenage girl at a Justin Timberlake concert, and I ended my night ranting about his performance over pints in Whelans with random people.

But now that he seems cool and been deemed ‘in’ by the ‘in crowd’ such as Hotpress, (read with extreme sarcasm) he gets a Choice Prize nomination. I’m not saying he didn’t deserve it, I’m just pissed it took so long for him to get recognition.

This year Jape was up against acts that were actually of some talent, such as Messiah J & The Expert and Fight Like Apes, unlike last year’s nominees.

Sticking with last years awards, I really thought the young talented Ms Davey was a shoe in, what with other nominees included ya man from Bell X1.

Speaking of young Geraghty, I remember before Whelans went even more up its own arse than it is now. Me and a few mates (yea yea yea I know its not grammatically correct) blagged our way into the ‘green room’ of Whelans after one of his gigs. What it actually turned out to be was the room beside the jacks where pretentious people wandered around, smoking, thinking about how they were going to brag to their friends the next day about being there.

Anyway where was I… oh yeah, long story, short, he was a knob and the rest of last years nominees, were shite and most have disappeared into the great abyss that is the Irish scene.

But I somehow doubt it’s going to happen to Crumlin head Richie. Although he admits himself ‘Nothing Last Forever’, I reckon Jape are here for a while.

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