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Richard Bolhuis: “Secretive Soul”


House of Cosy Cushions

Hidden amongst the endless rows of Georgian houses on Dublin’s Southside, in his own world lives front man of what was once Amsterdam’s, and is now Ireland’s, best kept secret: House of Cosy Cushions.

When arranging an interview, shunned were the offers of overpriced cups of coffee in Starbucks, Richard had instead invited me into his home. As I walk through the snow on this cold bitter February afternoon, there’s something warm and welcoming about the ‘just knock’ sign that hanging underneath Richard Bolhuis name on the door.

Unlike other Irish musicians slash scenesters; Richard is wary of the clicky scenes in Ireland, telling me he tries to “avoid them so not confronted with the clickiness”.

Picked up on Seadog Records, Richard and co. released EP “Palace of The Lost Ones” in 2005, which was previously recorded in Holland. The Irish not quite sure what to do with this piece of musical brilliancy, lukewarmly welcomed it.

Slowly the EP gained a following and an outcry for an album soon rose up, and so, in 2008, over various periods and studios, including Grouse Lodge and Elektra Studios in Dublin, Richard and co. recorded twenty tracks, twelve of which made it to the waiting ears of fans last October. Album guests include choice awards winner, and close friend of the band, Cathy Davey.

‘I know a lot of people who enjoyed the album, which is great, but then again, if they didn’t I would still make it’. Behind the beauty of the music lays the lyrics of a poet, uncaring of adoring fans, and sold out venues, living for that tingle that creeps over your body when a song comes together.

Rather than whoring themselves out to major record labels, House of Cosy Cushions are more contented to just “keeping gigging and recording and every now and then release albums”.

Putting just as much into their live shows with visuals accompanying their set, a House of Cosy Cushions live performance is worth catching and have announced dates for their latest tour, you needn’t wait too long.

Tour Dates:

3 march 2009 Ruby Sessions, Dublin
17 March 2009 Waterford Festival, Waterford
27 March 2009 Baker Place, Limerick
28 March 2009 Cleere’s Theatre, Kilkenny
2 April 2009 Whelans, Dublin
3 April 2009 De Barras, Clonkilty
4 April 2009 Crane Lane Theatre, Cork
9 May 2009 Fox & Firkin, London
14 May 2009 Eistmusic (with Cathy Davey), Portlaoise

House Of Cosy Cushions – She’s Not Your Witch

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