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Mr. Lightweight – Pop Punk’s Heavyweights

Mr. Lightweight

Deciding not to associate themselves with the whole “Blast” scene, might have been suicide for many bands, but Mr. Lightweight are still breathing, having apparently survived. Relentless touring up and down the breathe of the country over the last year has seen their Myspace fan numbers soar into the tens of thousands.

Fair enough, it’s mainly young girls and their training bras, hormones raging all over the place, screaming for a bit of bassist Spud, but a fan’s a fan.

But unlike other bands, whoring themselves out to labels, rather than sending out demos begging for the attention of record companies, bassist Spud says that the band would rather not go down that root, as “there’s too many catches with record labels”.

Formed in January 2008 amidst hangovers and with world dominion in mind, the last twelve months has seen them follow a path of “wild adventures… involving nudity, toast, more nudity… uncontrollable drinking and public urination on hotel walls and the odd few groupies”.

Amazingly, in-between all of this pandemonium, they managed to trek to Manor Park Studios twice to record debut album “Clocks and Bottles” with producer Neal Calderwood, their second visit ending with them “almost burning his studio down while recording” last July.

Bassist Spud in his former band 'Scuba Dice'

Bassist Spud in his former band 'Scuba Dice'

Many bands hit or miss in their first year, and until now Mr. Lightweight had seemingly missed all the major hiccups. But after a recent trek to Studio 1 of the infamous Grouse Lodge Studios late last year where they planned to spend three days recording new single “Demon”, the session pushed the band to their limits and cracks appeared.

“We worked pretty much twenty four hours straight at one point trying to get it finished but it just didn’t go right at all and in the end the recording isn’t exactly good enough to be a single so its back to manor park”

And a rather turbulent start to the year has seen the departure of founding member, guitarist/ front man Des Foley. Unhappy with the way the band was progressing, Des broke the news to his fellow band mates.

Of the incident, Spud told The Bullet that “it’s been hard to get things rolling again since Christmas because of the big set back of Des leaving the band. He left on good terms obviously, but it’s a shock to us because he played such a big part with us”.

But not ones to cry over spilt milk, Spud continued on saying that “their main priority at the moment is auditioning new singers/guitarists then once back on our feet we’ll get this Demon single recorded” letting it slip that “there’s one guitarist that we’re really happy with now”.

And so planning another trip back to Derry to Manor Park Studios, with their new member, they can only hope and pray this time to not to burn the studio down.

Finishing off asking Spud whether he feels that Mr. Lightweight are not given the proper chance by people considering the type of music they play, he brazenly responded “I think is something unique and anyone that says other wise we’ll just turn the music up louder”.

Mr Lightweight – Headed For the Dancefloor

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