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Mike Got Spiked: Teen Idols

Mike Got Spiked

Mike Got Spiked


Not liking “to tie themselves down to any one particular style of song”, Mike got Spiked began to stretch boundaries to breaking point in 2002, quickly becoming firm favourites of Irish promotion group, Gigsmart.  No run of the mill band, their live show is a cacophony of ska/rock/metal-laden riffs.

With David Lodge holding it all together on the sticks, Jonathon Myles’s funky bass lines escape from the fret board and collide with the ears of the assembled masses.  While somewhere amidst this wall of music, Gavin McGuire’s vocals reach dizzying heights before bringing it crashing down to his trademark guttural roar.  You leave the venue after their show, not quite sure of what you have just witnessed but knowing your life will never be quite the same again.


Releasing debut album ‘Caveat Emptor’ in 2005, described in the Irish Examiner as ‘the most original album to emerge from Ireland in a decade’, it hit the underground scene with an echoing thud, and, four years later, the ground is still shaking from its impact.  While single ‘All You Need’, charting in at #23, gave the band some much-appreciated airplay in 2004.

Soon, plans were hatched for a short American tour and so, leaving the limited scene of Ireland behind them, they released the ‘Poetry and Prozak EP‘ in June 2006 for their hardcore Irish fans and set out for the U.S. and the Canadian leg of the Warped Tour.  Unbeknown to them, ahead lay a path of bedlam and chaos, resulting in them playing only one of the supposed five dates, and having to borrow instruments for their debut, due to a cock up with transport some 3 000 miles south in New York.

Mike Got Spiked

Mike Got Spiked

Of their first attempt at touring, guitarist Conall McMahon told me that “anything that could have possibly gone wrong did go wrong for us on that trip but, because of that, it totally armed us for the next time”.


Fast forward two years, add the stress and strain of constant touring, which saw them travel over 120 000 miles and through 42 states, they hit a brick wall and burned out mid-tour.  Conall and crew reluctantly cancelled the remainder of the tour, much to the dismay of their new found fans, and decided to jet back home, deciding a well-deserved rest was in order.

One of their last dates in July saw Mike got Spiked playing on the Whiskey A Go-Go Tour on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, leaving them feeling a overwhelming sense of achievement and of course, “like total bloody rock stars after, chilling out in the VIP area”.  After the storming set, management labels began circling overhead, and they left Hollywood flirting, and eventually, signing with Associated Talent Management (ATM).  The group headed home, one less weight on their minds.


Hitting Irish soil, they parted ways for six weeks to recuperate; catching up with the scene they had grew up in, refreshing old friendships and reacquainting themselves with bottles of buckfasts.  But hangovers wearing thin, the itch set back in and they soon picked back up instruments.  Recording and releasing a Christmas internet-only single, ‘Red to Blue‘, they re-ignited the spark that had helped them gain widespread popularity on the American punk scene and with new found gusto, songs came thick and fast.

Well-rested and armed with a brand new live set, Mike Got Spiked are flying back to America in March to get “a bit of money and clout behind” them and back out onto the scene.  A summer of “drives across grassy plains, barren deserts and snow-capped mountains” awaits them, giving them a chance to practice the art of “how to urinate in a bottle while driving at 70mph”, and with seven new songs written over their break, their sophomore effort is due to be recorded early next year.

With 100 000 plus hits on Myspace, provided they manage not to get “ship-wrecked in Florida” or become “buzzard-food in Arkansas”, it looks like Mike got Spiked are here for the foreseeable future.

Mike Got Spiked – Aversion

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